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Why Storage Beam Rack Widely Used
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Beam-type shelves are mainly composed of beams and columns. Generally, they are used for mechanical access operations such as forklifts. Storage equipment such as pallets and steel bins are used as access units. Among them, pallets are the most common, and one is commonly referred to in the industry. The position refers to a pallet position, so the beam type shelf is also called a pallet shelf or a cargo shelf. The warehouse shelves developed on the basis of beam-type shelves have double-depth shelves, narrow lane shelves, and oil drum shelves.

Generally, fluent strips are added to the beam-type shelves, and the fluent strips can be transformed into fluent strips. The shelf parts of the automated warehouse are mostly beam-type shelves. In theory, the beam type shelf can be applied to various warehouses. In order to make full use of the space of the enterprise warehouse in the actual application process, the beam type shelf is not the best choice in some warehouses, for example, the access density of the through shelf is required. Higher than beam shelves. However, the through-shelf intelligence follows the principle of first-in, first-out or advanced-out.

There are many types of goods in the enterprise warehouse, the models are different, the specifications are different, and the classification requirements for warehouse goods are relatively high. Generally, beam-type shelves are used. The use of beam-type shelves allows you to pick up the goods from the shelves without being limited by the storage time. In addition, the beam type shelf can add laminates, grid plates, partitions, oil drum brackets and other auxiliary accessories to the beam according to actual needs, which is more conducive to the enterprise's warehouse management.

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