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What Are The Conditions That Cause The Warehouse Shelves To Catch Fire
- Feb 11, 2019 -

The cause of the fire on the shelf needs to reach three conditions. If you want the shelf to be difficult to catch fire, you only need to lack one of these three conditions. Let's talk about it.

First. Fire source: The energy that causes the combustion of combustible materials is called the source of fire, such as open flames, conflicts, impacts, electric sparks, etc.

Second. Combustibles: Whether solid, liquid or gas, any substance that reacts violently with oxygen or other oxidants in the air is usually flammable, such as wood, paper, gasoline, alcohol, gas, etc.

Third. Combustibles: Substances that can assist and support incineration are called combustion support materials. Usually refers to oxygen and oxidants, mainly refers to oxygen in the air. This type of oxygen is called air oxygen, and there is no flammable substance in the air that can participate in combustion without oxygen.

When there is a lack of air supply, the incineration will gradually weaken until it subsides. With these three conditions, you can incinerate the substance. The shelves produced by the storage shelves must start from the above three conditions to find a fire source. The material is flammable; the temperature reaches the ignition point; only one of them is required to contact oxygen, and incineration is impossible.

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