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Warehouse Rack Layout
- Jan 25, 2019 -

   The overall rational layout of the storage shelves. According to the needs of the production and management of storage shelves, use all the facilities of the entire storage shelf to plan the production, auxiliary production, administrative and other places, storage shelves, operations, roads, guards, etc., and carry out various facilities and buildings.For example, you can set up a special storage shelf area, picking area, office area, etc.!

  Specialized division of storage shelves. All the functions have been determined by the principle of professional planning. Generally, the classification is divided according to the storage species. For specialized storage shelves, it can be divided according to different operation modes. For example, species need to meet the distinction between first-in, first-out and advanced-out, to improve the efficiency of storage shelves.

  Division of labor and management of warehouse shelves. According to the management scope of the storage shelf staff, it is necessary to determine the scope of the class and group management, and determine the warehouse shelf work position and job responsibilities.

   Arrangement and use of storage shelves, working distances of working roads and storage shelves.

  The future development of storage shelves, including the development strategy and scale of storage shelves and mechanization development level and technical transformation direction of storage shelves, such as mechanization of storage shelves , automation level, etc.

  The main economic indicators of storage shelves, such as the main facilities utilization rate of storage shelves, labor productivity, storage shelf storage capacity, material turnover rate, storage capacity utilization, storage and transportation quality indicators.


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