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Tips Of Using And Keeping Pallet
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Proper use of the pallet, the goods on the pallet should be properly packaged, bundled and wrapped to facilitate the use of mechanical loading and unloading and transportation to meet the requirements of handling and storage.

1.pallet load capacity; the load capacity of each tray should be less than or equal to 2t. For the safety during transport, the center height of the loaded cargo should not exceed 2/30 of the pallet width.

2. Palletizing method of palletized goods: According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods carried on the pallet and the size of the pallet, it is reasonable to determine the order of the ordering on the pallet.

Problems in the storage of pallets

1. wooden pallets are poor in water resistance, easy to be deformed by moisture, and should not be placed outdoors.

2. Plastic pallets should be placed neatly to prevent mechanical damage, avoid sun exposure and aging, and shorten the service life.

3. Steel trays should be protected from moisture to avoid rust, and keep away from radioactive chemical materials.

4. Composite trays should be protected from mechanical bumps.

5. After the tray has been used for a period of time, it will be damaged for various reasons and should be repaired in time to maintain its service life. Replace damaged parts, such as wooden pallet panels, for pallets that can be combined. The pallets that are damaged overall should be replaced in time.

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