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The Functions Of Storage Racks
- Nov 06, 2018 -

The main functions of storage racks are:

(1) Storage goods

    It is the most basic function of warehousing. It mainly stores items to avoid losing or damage. And handle the group's operations reasonably and usefully.

(2) Distribution processing

   Scientific and reasonable warehousing decisions and warehousing procedures can be used to reduce overall warehousing costs and logistics costs. Different types of production and forms of sale require different strategic plans and forms of handling.

(3) Supply information

   Modern warehousing has gradually evolved into a modern logistics distribution base integrating circulation processing and distribution.

(4) Conditioning transportation capacity

    Warehousing supplies information to all systems, It is a major symbol of modern warehousing. 

(5) Reduce material costs, etc.

    It is different transportation capacity of various transportation vehicles, and the transportation cost and inventory cost are reversed.

    At present, this large market in China, storage shelves occupy a large number of warehouses, supermarkets, all walks of life. It is no exaggeration to say that the storage shelf is a rapidly growing industrial product that can be seen in many fields. With the advancement of technology, more storage shelves will be developed, and more varieties will be used in the future, and more functions will be developed.

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