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Pay Attention To Using Warehouse Rack
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Proper use of the shelves can add slack, extent of service life,and save money. Pay attention to the following items when using racks.

1. The main use of wooden racks is to prevent moisture. If the wooden shelves are damp, they should be dried in the sun. Others should pay attention to the air, otherwise the shelves are easy to be mildewed and even peeled. Since wooden shelves are more flammable, pay attention to fire prevention when using them.

2, metal racks should also pay attention to moisture, if it needs to be wiped dry with a clean rag, otherwise the shelves are easy to rust. Also pay attention to the paint and screws of the metal shelves.

3, the use of glass racks should pay attention to shockproof, but can not carry heavy loads.

4. Anti-overload: Each layer of cargo storage does not suffer from the minimum load that exceeds the shelf assumption.

5, anti-super high and noble width: shelf height, layer width has been limited, the size of the card board and goods should be slightly in the net space 100 sister.

6, anti-collision: the forklift is in the process of running, should be handled with care.

7, anti-heavy weight: should be high-level light goods, the bottom of the heavy goods standard.

8. Stop using the unregulated floor plate (card board) on the shelf, and the bottom of the river is the most appropriate.

9. When there is a cargo on the top of the shelf, the exclusive staff does not have to go straight into the bottom of the shelf.

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