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Types of supermarket shelves
- Aug 22, 2018 -

One, large supermarket shelves (also known as the store shelves). Large stores display a wealth of goods, so the load on the shelf more demanding.

Its main customers are the customers of the national hypermarket.

Second, the standard supermarket shelves (also known as medium-sized supermarket shelves) Superscript supermarket shelves are designed for the development of standard supermarkets shelves, the biggest feature is light, beautiful, it does not store shelves as a complex type of accessories, but also in the display of the corresponding adjustment, pay more attention to the display of goods and personalized display.

Its main customers for the local chain-type medium-sized supermarkets.

Third, convenience store shelves Convenience store shelves for convenience stores, drug stores, the use of the concept of tool-free installation, easy installation. The biggest features of the shelves are exquisite, lightweight, beautiful, professional and strong.

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