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The use of shelves
- Aug 22, 2018 -

We are in the use of shelves are always focused on the quality of attention to beauty, but also very few people will mention how to decorate, shelves how to be considered beautiful, only good.

And below, on how to display the shelves we look at the device shelves we have to consider the factors: The first step is to determine the style of the shelf itself, especially the height and width. The height of the shelves should generally be based on the specific circumstances, to human activities need to be based on the specific concept of design, shelf height to the height of the human body to adapt to facilitate customer shopping. After the height of the shelf is determined, the length of the shelf can be determined according to the specific circumstances of the space and the mode of transportation chosen. can also use the Law of Gold division, that is, long and wide by 1:0.618 of the proportion of composition, resulting in a reasonable beauty.

The flat discharge of the shelves is also critical, and there are many options available, including the queue type, island type and radiation type, etc. It is very important to determine how the shelves are arranged by different heights and different layouts.

And we can also determine according to our preferences.

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