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Precautions Of Warehouse Rack Installation
- Mar 12, 2019 -

1. When installing the storage shelves, the deformation caused by the uneven distribution of the weight of the goods should be considered, the lateral impulse caused by the action of the stacker or the forklift, and the seismic intensity should be fortified;

2. When installing the storage shelves, a safe distance should be left between the goods, between the goods and the storage shelves, and between the goods and the fire pipes, leaving a fire sprinkler space;

3. The selection of high-quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, under the premise of ensuring the use of storage shelves, to minimize the project cost.

4. When installing the storage shelf structure, comprehensive consideration should be given to the requirements of use, equipment, load properties, material supply and installation conditions, and reasonable selection of structural forms, construction measures and materials to achieve advanced technology, economical rationality, safety and application. quality assurance.

5. The dimensional tolerances, deformations and clearances of the storage shelves shall comply with the relevant standards.

6. There are strict installation procedures, whether the durability of the limit state or the maximum load limit state when installing the storage shelf structure, must comply with the relevant standards, there must be a calculation book. For major projects, finite element calculation must be carried out to combine the strength, stiffness and stability of storage shelves, and comprehensively assess the safety under earthquake. For standard storage shelves that are reused, a general calculation book is required.

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