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How to maximize the use of warehouse space
- Dec 22, 2018 -

It is important to know that the increase in the storage area has an important relationship with the placement of the shelves, and it is also necessary to choose the shelves that are suitable for their own goods. The warehouse shelves need to be placed in use, and finding a good location can make the shelves more reasonable. Preface, we proceed from the warehousing system and management function requirements, combined with the documents provided by the warehouse building structure.

The layout of the warehouse shelves can be divided into the following two forms:

1. Single storeroom shelves, which are arranged on one or both sides of the walkway and set up service facilities along the perimeter of the room. These rooms are dominated by natural light, supplemented by artificial lighting.

2. Group warehouse shelves, suitable for medium warehouse shelves for staff of 20 or less.

As a whole, the placement of the shelves should make full use of the largest area of the warehouse. For this item, it should be designed at the beginning of the warehouse procurement shelf. It is generally possible for the shelf manufacturer's professionals to measure and measure the warehouse and make a preliminary layout in order to make the most of the storage space. The manufacturer's personnel are based on the user's full communication, planning the shelves of various sizes and shapes on the drawings, etc., and placing them in the best position in the warehouse.

The storage shelves are placed in the warehouse, and the operating space of the warehouse management operators should be fully considered. If the personnel passage between each group of shelves, the corridors used for other storage equipment such as forklifts to access the goods, and the position between each shelf. When these spaces are set aside, the maximum usage should be considered. It is rather large and not small, so that even if there is waste of use space, it is easy to perfect. The walkway space between each row or group of shelves is designed to allow managers to easily manage and timely discover the problems of goods and shelves, and become more effective and faster when performing manual access operations. It is not easy to make mistakes. At the same time, the layout is good to make room for the warehouse to be more tidy and more manageable.

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