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Considerations for Pallets
- Aug 22, 2018 -

1, should be light plastic pallet, avoid landing when the force is uneven, the damage occurred.

2, the placement of goods, should be evenly placed to avoid lifting when moving, the side is crooked.

3, the use of handling equipment, should consider the size of the goods are suitable for the use of plastic pallets, to avoid the size of the appropriate, supporting plastic pallets.

4, stacking use, should consider the bottom of a pallet load. 5, forklift or manual hydraulic car operation, fork Thorn as far as possible to the outside of the pallet fork hole foot, fork Thorn should all reach into the tray, smoothly lift the tray before you can change the angle.

The fork Thorn can not hit the side of the pallet to avoid the pallet breakage and crack.

6, pallet on the shelves, must use shelf-type pallet, bearing capacity according to the shelf structure, strictly prohibited overload use.

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